Body goals are incredibly personal, and since one should never approach fitness as one size fits all, Lara has developed workouts customized based on body types which you can rent or purchase individually.

Lara spent years training in various methods such as Pilates, yoga, Gyrotonic and barre. Combined with her sculpting sequences, you are guaranteed results.

The programs are choreographed each with a specific focus.
You will also find pre and postnatal workouts to help women through pregnancy and afterwards starting from retraining their pelvic floor to dropping off post-baby weight.

It takes time to build a habit and see real change, that’s why the only way to truly absorb the Body by Lara movement & sculpt programs into your body is by taking a consistent and structured approach.
With the Precision Toning Sculpt programs combined with what we have daily in the library, you will see tremendous results in your body while feeling energized and accomplished.