A full body sculpt by Lara

If you are looking for a new challenge, a new workout routine to add to what you currently do, which challenges your strength, sculpts your body, gives you a strong core and improved posture and flexibility, then look no further! R2 Define.

It’s a workout that improves strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination. Keeping to the Pilates principles, Define presents innovative movement possibilities, using the barre, your own body weight and lightweight resistance, 1.5/2.0kgs hand weights, resistance bands, sliders and ankle weights to create a long, lean and strong body.

The class integrates movement-based workouts that get you sweaty, core sculpting moves & Lara’s own adaptation of the barre technique & Pilates based resistance training.

What makes this class different is the simulation of the pilates reformer, garuda and gyrotonics expansion system. Lara has used apparatus for years, she has replaced the moving carriages with the gliders to challenge stability, muscular control, and overall strength. She uses bands to replace the straps and springs of various apparatus. While some of the exercises are functional, others are designed to fortify and challenge the participants with balance and three-dimensional moves.

The class is designed with or without cardio. It has two formats for general level practitioners, keeping to the main focus points of the class.

The practitioners will build strength in both small and large muscle groups.

Smaller muscle groups tend to be ignored in typical exercise routines. if we train the body in one category, it will experience one set of range of motion which can cause overuse in the muscle groups mainly involved. By strengthening these smaller muscles, you are less likely to strain your large body muscles and eliminate relying on joints to support movements when your large muscles do begin to fatigue.

The set of exercises, or circuits, in this workout, move through the body to fire up those tiny muscle groups to support larger muscles which makes it easier for the body to create force and boost its performance and improve posture.

Posture work is emphasized in each segment in “define”.
Having good posture is critically important for preventing injury, decreasing muscle strain and helping the body to work efficiently and effectively. As a result, the practitioner will be less likely to strain large muscles and eliminate relying on joints to support movements when the larger muscles do fatigue.

The cardio circuits are pilates based moves adapted from the intermediate and advance repertoire, safe on the joints, choreographed in intervals – High Volume Interval Training (HVIT), which optimizes fat loss and builds up overall strength. An HVIT workout works at about 60-75 percent maximum effort, and you can sustain it for much longer than you can an all-out exertion like in Hiit workouts.
You will also burn unwanted fat and improve your metabolism without compromising alignment.

Each exercise has an element of strength and an element of stretch.

It is a workout that helps you to redesign your body into a better shape; it is fun & empowering, designed to improve every aspect of fitness.
It is made for everyone and open to anyone.